Professional actress and singer, Meredith Wright, started her children’s band after working as an early childhood educator in downtown Manhattan.  My son had the pleasure of taking her classes a long time ago. Meredith belts out soulful songs that don’t talk down to the kids and inspire movement and creativity at her great live shows.” - 16 Must See Live Concerts for Families in New York City

Mommy Poppins

As its title suggests, her new CD is quite soulful, with playful R&B-, jazz- and gospel-inflected tunes like “Pot’n'pan Band” and “Cookies.”Read more:” - Blair Tidwell

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As I mentioned before, you don't have to live in the city to enjoy Sweetbeatz. Meredith Wright's lovely voice and sweet harmonies put a smile on my face. The lyrics and imagery are perfect for the young Pre-K crowd, but the music is skillfully composed and well produced. There's a mix of the simple chants that inspire the wee ones to chant along, and the more complex songwriting from the theatrical and jazz traditions. That, plus a bunch of great dancing music, is what Sweetbeatz is all about. Give it a listen and I know you'll be singing along.” - Nick Deysher

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My children absolutely LOVE this CD. The songs are so fun and just make you want to dance!  Pot'n'Pan Band is such a cute song. I even brought some pots, pans and spoons out for them to make music. Note to self: Limit the pots and pans next time. ;)” - Nikki of Braids Beads and Beyond

— Beads, Braids, & Beyond

My kids love dancing and singing to these original songs about everyday things! They are so upbeat, and fun! I know you will love them too!” - Robyn Lucas

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To say that children's music has changed a lot in the past 10 years is a massive understatement. Today's great kids' bands don't just simplify their music; they write it for listeners of any age, and then target their tone and lyrics toward audiences that just happen to wear Pull-Ups. New York based “Sweetbeatz” is a fantastic example of this new wave, since they play rhythms from the influences of Jazz, R&B, Gospel and World Music to create songs that are sweet and soulful as well as edgy and energetic. At their recent concert held at the Bronx zoo, Sweetbeatz was just as energetic, edgy and interactive as they always are. The lead singer and founder of the Band Meredith Wright, is a seasoned theatre actor and vocalist. She taught music and movement to children for eight years and decided to merge her two passions together and create a children’s band. With songs like: “play date”, pot'n'pan band” and “laundry” were all influenced from everyday routines at home for children, and this makes relating to them much easier. Children as well as adults all love to hear Meredith Wright sing because she is noted for “stunning solos” full of energy and she also loves to interact with her audience. At this performance it was no different from all the others. When listening to Miss Wright sing, her soprano vocals sounds like “liquid silver”, it’s just so smooth and enticing. When asked what Sweetbeatz is, she said “It is a fusion of her favorite things: music, theatre and family. The band “Sweetbeatz” surely lived up to their name and this concert was so much fun am sure that all the parents and happy and exhausted from the amount of energy that was filled in the air. Sweetbeatz truly represents that even our most ordinary routines create the most wonderful and musical times in our lives.” - Shelly Langaigne, student & parent
When Meredith Wright sings, usually her own material written with real kids’ experiences in mind, be they “lost” rubber boots, pots and pans, doing laundry at the laundromat, or blowing bubbles, she charms the kids to their bones. The kids can’t help it, they just need to get up and dance. We had a great time ringing out the old year with kids, parents and grandparents.” - Jan Johnson, Manager of Youth Services

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Most of the songs she uses are original compositions, lively melodies inspired by the hustle and bustle of life in the city.” - Judith Stiles

The Villager

Meredith Wright is a dazzling performer. She creates intimacy with her audience by using humor, winning, original lyrics, and dramatic effects. Meredith's generosity of spirit pervades whatever space she inhabits and invites us into her playful world where children can't find their boots and everyone has a different kind of hair.” - Kiki Schaffer

— Director of the Parenting Center, 14th St. Y

Wright's singing voice is so strong, powerful, and tone-perfect, the words can only be eclipsed by the beauty of her voice.”

— Danube News, PA