Children's Museum of Manhattan Rocks in the Rain! we didnt escape the downpour this time- but that's okay-we had plenty of fun today! I have to say a big thank you to all of the families who came out to play.  Honorable mentions go to the Dad that sang a "Laundry" solo (bravo!!) and to the little fella that danced until he fell into his mother's lap- and then danced some more, my very enthusiastic pair who screamed at the mention of Portugal (wearing team shirts) AND to my Dear Dancing friend Deynia who brought her kids, their friend, and braved the elements with her youngest boy who has not one but TWO Bracing Boots, and she's sporting one too! Don't ask.  And don't think that stopped them from boogying down. I was certainly impressed!

Those were just some of my favorite moments. CMOM you made my rainy Sunday sparkle.

If you missed us come out to the Children's Museum of the East End  on Tuesday the 16th

and Hippo Park Wed Aug 24th at 4pm

see you there!


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