What a wildly entertaining Halloween Season! For three weekends in October I had the pleasure of playing at the New York Aquarium at Brooklyn's Coney Island.  New Yorkers put on their most creative costumes and joined my singing and dancing parade!  We did it in the sun, we did it  in the rain, and even in the snow..nothing could stop the witches and superheroes and fairies from celebrating the season! In between sets I enjoyed the sea creatures too! If you haven't been, go see the beautiful tropical fish swimming along their coral reefs,  the playful otters who spend the day doing somersaults (and giggling, I'm certain) and the majestic sea lion Clarice, who poses for her crowd and basks in the sun in the most languidly royal way. Check them out!

Then on HALLOWEEN I hung out with the ZOMBIE BAND in Clinton Hill and experienced some of the most eye-catching costumes to date.  Squids, castle moms and dragon babies, Pappa MC's and and mini MC's, and pets paraded in costume too.  So. much. fun.

With all of that happy hoopla, I need a nap!! Hope to see you soon! xoxo

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