Aruba..Jamaica..La Mama 

My La Mama Kids Movement Workshop allowed us to imagine the winter chills away and replace them with a warm island breeze. Thanks to who sang, clapped and danced with me. With a little imagination and a lot of participation, NYC felt tropical!




Has this winter season been completely unreasonable?? Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine!


Leaves crunching, snuggly sweaters and pounds of pumpkins bring me happy Fall thoughts!

Hippo Happiness! 



A sunny day in Riverside Park and a crowd of dancing children among the hippos. What fun!




What a wildly entertaining Halloween Season! For three weekends in October I had the pleasure of playing at the New York Aquarium at Brooklyn's Coney Island.  New Yorkers put on their most creative costumes and joined my singing and dancing parade!  We did it in the sun, we did it  in the rain, and even in the snow..nothing could stop the witches and superheroes and fairies from celebrating the season! In between sets I enjoyed the sea creatures too! If you haven't been, go see the beautiful tropical fish…

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CALHOUN KIDSTUFF..too cool at school! 

Okay, can I enroll at Calhoun?  This quaint private school on the upper west side was BOOMING with activity that crisp Saturday Morning, and many headed to the theatre for their public performance series, KIDSTUFF, with me!  And after we danced and bounced about ,the afternoon concluded with a brownies-and-milk meet and greet.  Brownies galore!  Thank you to the wonderful families and Staff at the Calhoun school! You tickled our sweetooth(s) (sweeteeth?) and warmed our hearts!

East End..West End 

The Children's Museum of the East End is all the way in Bridgehampton.  Oh the sun was shining and the sky was blue and the crickets were was so calm and quiet.  That is until we started to boogie! Thank you to all of families who joined us in the ampitheater on that beautiful day!  And I saw old friends and made new ones too- including a "little" Meredith and her big sister Caroline. Hope to see you soon! When you go to the CMEE be sure to stop by the MoonSoup shop, one of my favorite ladies…

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Children's Museum of Manhattan Rocks in the Rain! we didnt escape the downpour this time- but that's okay-we had plenty of fun today! I have to say a big thank you to all of the families who came out to play.  Honorable mentions go to the Dad that sang a "Laundry" solo (bravo!!) and to the little fella that danced until he fell into his mother's lap- and then danced some more, my very enthusiastic pair who screamed at the mention of Portugal (wearing team shirts) AND to my Dear Dancing friend Deynia who brought her kids, their friend, and braved the…

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Such lovely families and a gaggle of geese came out to picnic and play at the Philly Zoo Rock'n'Roar Series! We were given specific instructions to not upset the Kangaroos -they didn't make a fuss so I imagine they danced right with us! Right after the last hug and high five it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED.  I credit the audiences' sunny disposition for keeping clouds at bay.  Hope to see you soon Philly Families!

And if you missed the zoo come out

SUNDAY AUG. 14- Children's Museum of Manhattan 2&3pm

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So I was walking along the streets of Minnesota 

..and came across the wonderful Flint Hills International Children's festival!  I was invited to sing with Oyu Oro, an Afro-Cuban Dance company that I love. And while I was there I came across some wonderful performances- West African Drumming, Katha Dance, a Hip-Hop dance crew, stilt walkers (chicks on sticks!), the beautifful singing duo DALA and arts and crafts for all ages.  Saint Paul Minnesota really pulled out all the stops to introduce children to such a diverse array of cultures and art forms…

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