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sweetbeatz: News!

Happy Zoo! - April 6, 2010

The zoo is a happy place. The staff is incredible, the layout is fantastic, the animals are exquisite and the families are fun! Thank you for joining us that on that beautiful Saturday. Can't wait to play again!

PS pics and clips on our FACEBOOK page. Become a fan! Follow the link

SINGING AT THE BRONX ZOO!! - March 21, 2010

you can play too!

for details follow the link:
IT's supposed to be beautiful weather so come join us!

The Thing about the Oval is that.. - August 14, 2009

I never know who I'll run into, but I'm always happy to see them! Thank you Alex, Andreas, Sadie, Cahira, Ro, Will, Julian, Iain, Ryan, Sophia, James, Pia, Ruby, Lake, and every one else who joined me that beautiful August Day. We jumped about, napped under the covers in the jungle, and then went for a drive. I love the LES. It's my second home. And it's all those downtown smiles that make feel so good!

Oval Kids! - June 15, 2009

The LES is particularly dear to me (even though I'm an Uptown Girl), my sweet little ones come to class with me at the 14th street Y, and my favorite theatre LA MAMA is situated in the same area.
So Oval Kids is definitely a fun event for families in the neighborhood. It was the first sunny day we had in a while, so I understand if your were at the water-park. We'll be back on Aug 12, 11am. Be sure to check us out then!

Hoboken is HAPPENIN'! - February 11, 2009

Thank you Hoboken families for joining me on that beautiful day. The children impressed me with their imagination and pounded and swam the day away. Thanks to helpful Abby who helped peel sticker-backs for younger audience members. YOU ROCK!

WE'RE ON YOUTUBE! - January 28, 2009

Hi friends, check out the link to catch SWEETBEATZ in ACTION! Let me know what you think!

TRIBEC-TASTIC!!! - January 21, 2009

Yup, that's the new coined phase for the show at 92Y's Tribeca show. Thanks to everyone who braved the C-C-COLD and SNOW to play with me. We worked up a sweat though, didn't we? Hope to see you all again soon soon soon.


THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
JAN 18th
"BYOK" Bring Your Own Kid
at the TRIBECA location of the 92nd Y.

TIX 15.00

It's gonna be sooo fun!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - December 26, 2008

Holiday Season - December 4, 2008

..Thanksgiving was full of family and friends and favorite things that start with F! I hope your holidays are filled with love, music family and friends as well. Happy Holidays!
Big ol' love

Brooklyn Children's Museum - October 4, 2008

The scaffolding is down at the Bklyn Children's Museum and it's more beautiful than before! The space was filled with bouncing babies and giggling children and I loved playing with each and every one of them. We danced the evening away- I only tried to keep up! Thanks to everyone at the Museum for making it such a special place!

SCHOOL DAZE - September 11, 2008

So it's begun. The trains are a little more packed with children in uniforms and shiny new backpacks. Back to School! New teachers, new books, new sure to take a moment and visit me for new songs too!

Happy School Year Families!

AWW YEAH MADISON SQ! - August 19, 2008

Madison Square..too many names of friends who danced their cares away with me- let me try to shout out to all...Alex, Andreas, Will, Anya, Ryan, Ethan, Derek, Julian, Brett, Lola, Lillian, Sadie, Zoe & Nathalie & family, Spencer, Jonathan, Zubin, Yash, Josephine, MIA!! (hee hee), Matthew, Miller (who picks delicious peaches!) Alexandra...this is some of my downtown family and I was so THRILLED to see their faces!! Lot's of new friends too- sharing bubles, dancing in the (emptied) pool, groovin' to the beat. I love my job.

CRUZ NIGHT! - August 9, 2008

I'm going back in time!!
There's a vintage auto show tonight in Cheshire, Mass. And I'm opening for the Fifties Tribute band Earth Angel. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Cruz Night continued..
wowee! Super fancy vehicles shiny and shown with pride, sweet new friends Lizzy, Alia and Andre shook it out, and a moonbounce to boot (I'm too big to bounce), and a Fried Dough finale (nope, not funnel cakes..dough..mmmmm)
Cheshire, MA is beautiful, Cruz Night is crazy fun. Thanks for having me!

Shakin it up at Citibabes - July 23, 2008

Everybody showed up!! Great babies, fab food, a little relaxation for grownups. I was in charge with the tunes. Let's do it again real soon!


Come Play at Madison Square Kids
Tuesday, August 19th 10:30
Bring a blanket, bring water, let's play!

Lovin' the Libraries! - July 17, 2008

So I'm coming 'round the bend in my Brooklyn "tour" and I've made some great new friends at the Clarendon, Brighton Beach, Paergedat and Eastern Parkway Libraries. Big hugs to Ms. Gwen and her sweet children, Kids Etc, the Y, Destiny, Snomi, Gwendelyn, Hadra, CARL W and brother CHAD W and everyone else who played with me that day. Brandon's air guitar performance, Carls peanut gallery participation (I know I know, connect 4) are some of my favorite memories to date.

See you in the Neighborhood!

Makin' Music at MACON! - June 20, 2008

So..after a long wait, the lovely MACON library, located in the heart of Bed-Stuy, finally re-opened. Boy was the community excited! The doorway was lined with colorful balloons and a you entered the doors with a seranade of soul and funk from a school brass band. The girls played their polished trumpets, the boys played their saxaphones. Everyone sang on the steps on the beautiful day. I was so thrilled to celebrate with the school groups that came to join me. The whole community is so proud of their library.

Don't worry Brooklynites, if you missed me at the Macon. I'll be playing all summer in the Libraries:
Brighton Beach, Paerdegat, Calrendon, Eastern Parkway, Bklyn Heights, and the Main Branch . Check the Calendar for exact dates and times.
Also- Check us out at the Belarusian Church in Bklyn July 12, 3pm .

ALSO, MADISON SQUARE PARK on August 19, at 10:30 .

It's going to busy beautiful summer. Come out and play!



Well the energy of the festival warmed my heart, so thank you, Tribeca, for letting Sweetbeatz play for you! There where so many good friends to hug, including , Shane, Little Serge, Thomas, Quinn and Amanda and my "taller" friends Momo, Keita, Jenn, & Big Serge, thanks for cheering us on! Hopefully the next show will be with out gloves and a scarf, but spring's been a little crazy.

Look for Sweetbeatz in BROOKLYN this summer and
manhattan towards the end of summer.

Even in this wacky weather, I'm spotting flip flops, flower tops, and HELADO stops! Summer's coming and I'm ready to SING!!

Energetic Edgies - April 7, 2008

That's what I'd call'em! Yesterday's performance for the Educational Alliance's PreSchool community was full of surprises- Daeshawn's choo-train WITH a little red caboose in the back, an olympic sprint by track star Graham, and THEN we boogied the afternoon away. Big hugs and kisses to all of my little friends on the lower east side!

Bouncin' about in Brooklyn - February 18, 2008

Who says you have to be quiet in the Library all of the time ? We raised the roof of the Brooklyn Public Library's Dweck Center! It is the perfect spot for jumping, bouncing, shouting and stomping so that's exactly what we did. Thanks to my brooklyn buddies for shouting out your favorite vegetables (now added to my grocery list), suggesting new song ideas (Doran likes it!), showing me your fish drawings and dancing to the beat. You made Saturday an extra happy day!

Princeton knows how to PARTY! - December 29, 2007

How much fun did we have? SOOO much fun! All of my Princeton babes amused and delighted me with their imagination and enthusiam. We made snow angels and a many legged octopus( now affectionately known as the omnipus) and galloped and bounced over the place. Then we gathered for the first ever SWEETBEATZ BOW which featured my new friends rachael, matthew, sophia, stevie, and so many more..bravo children! BRAVO!

"Miracle on 32nd St." - December 9, 2007

Did you know right in the heart of midtown, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of tourists and serious commerce, toddlers push past (no, they're not all heading to Santaland) to get to the charming Chelsea Day School. I eventually found my way to this "Brigadoon" like building (you'll miss it if you look too hard) for the winter fair and it was pure magic. Smiling faces, music and art and little feet dancing about. It was a pleasure to be a part of the festivities and thank you Cade, Ruby, Lake, Roman and Keira for being among the first to welcome us. FUN FUN FUN!

Keepin' the beat with Chilly Cheeks! - December 4, 2007

Brrr! A cheery and chilly Hello to everyone. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was singing about Helados and cool beach breezes..but now the leaves are whipping in the air and I've whipped out my winter wear.

Snapping your fingers and moving to the beat is a sure way to keep warm so that's what I'm gonna do.
Saturday, December 8th, we'll be at the Chelsea Day Winter Fair. We join a roster of super cool talents and we're excited to play for the community.

We're heading to the Princeton Library in Princeton, NJ, December 28th to celebrate the end of the year so join us for one last 2007 Hurrah!

We're very excited to return to Brooklyn and play at the Brooklyn Public Library in February. It's a HUGE SPACE so help us fill it! And we promise to fill your afternoon with laughter and music. Check our calendar for more details.

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!
with love and music,

Bowery Kids! - October 16, 2007

How much did we have on Sunday? Soo much fun, of course, everyone knows my great affection for the Lower East Side. Helen, Jules, Julian, Julia and Julia (!!!) were among my dancing pals as well as Silvana, Lino, Lucy and old buddies Alex and Andreas who cheered on their mom Cecilia who accompanied me this time around. I was also thrilled to try 2 new songs, Peas and Lucky.
Sweetbeatz will be at the Princeton Library in December and the Brooklyn Central Library in Feb. More Details to follow!

Hangin' on the Lower East Side - September 9, 2007

..even though I'm an Uptown Girl, I sure do love the spirit of the LES. It's so good to have support from my downtown family- to see old and new friends, Rohan & Anya, Lila and Noemi, Little Lila, Ilana and her new pet bear, Joshy and Dani, Declan, and Alex and Alexandra are among the sweethearts that rocked with me on the corner of 14th st. and 1st ave. Maybe we should have taken that family in the convertible up on their offer to take us to the beach, but it might have gotten cramped what with the toddlers, the band, the groove hoopers and belly dancers that played today too!

Sweetbeatz took a break and headed further into the LES and visited HOWLFEST. OOOWWW! I think it's mandatory to yelp. Thank you to the amazing staff and the sweet-cheeked children who took a break from the puppet piece to see us play.

...puppets, belly dancing, live art, paint, merry-go-rounds, battle of dancers. I saw it all today in these 5 short blocks. I heart the LES! Can't wait to come back in October for Bowery Kids!
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