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sweetbeatz: News!

Aruba..Jamaica..La Mama - March 8, 2014

My La Mama Kids Movement Workshop allowed us to imagine the winter chills away and replace them with a warm island breeze. Thanks to who sang, clapped and danced with me. With a little imagination and a lot of participation, NYC felt tropical!



BRRR - March 7, 2014

 freezing sun

Has this winter season been completely unreasonable?? Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine!

Fall - October 1, 2012


Leaves crunching, snuggly sweaters and pounds of pumpkins bring me happy Fall thoughts!

Hippo Happiness! - August 23, 2012



A sunny day in Riverside Park and a crowd of dancing children among the hippos. What fun!




A-SCARIUM..BWA-HA-HA!! - November 3, 2011

What a wildly entertaining Halloween Season! For three weekends in October I had the pleasure of playing at the New York Aquarium at Brooklyn's Coney Island.  New Yorkers put on their most creative costumes and joined my singing and dancing parade!  We did it in the sun, we did it  in the rain, and even in the snow..nothing could stop the witches and superheroes and fairies from celebrating the season! In between sets I enjoyed the sea creatures too! If you haven't been, go see the beautiful tropical fish swimming along their coral reefs,  the playful otters who spend the day doing somersaults (and giggling, I'm certain) and the majestic sea lion Clarice, who poses for her crowd and basks in the sun in the most languidly royal way. Check them out!

Then on HALLOWEEN I hung out with the ZOMBIE BAND in Clinton Hill and experienced some of the most eye-catching costumes to date.  Squids, castle moms and dragon babies, Pappa MC's and and mini MC's, and pets paraded in costume too.  So. much. fun.

With all of that happy hoopla, I need a nap!! Hope to see you soon! xoxo

CALHOUN KIDSTUFF..too cool at school! - October 16, 2011

Okay, can I enroll at Calhoun?  This quaint private school on the upper west side was BOOMING with activity that crisp Saturday Morning, and many headed to the theatre for their public performance series, KIDSTUFF, with me!  And after we danced and bounced about ,the afternoon concluded with a brownies-and-milk meet and greet.  Brownies galore!  Thank you to the wonderful families and Staff at the Calhoun school! You tickled our sweetooth(s) (sweeteeth?) and warmed our hearts!

East End..West End - August 24, 2011

The Children's Museum of the East End is all the way in Bridgehampton.  Oh the sun was shining and the sky was blue and the crickets were was so calm and quiet.  That is until we started to boogie! Thank you to all of families who joined us in the ampitheater on that beautiful day!  And I saw old friends and made new ones too- including a "little" Meredith and her big sister Caroline. Hope to see you soon! When you go to the CMEE be sure to stop by the MoonSoup shop, one of my favorite ladies in all things "baby" is the one who started that.

Then I headed off of West End to RIVERSIDE PARK! Hippo Playground, to be exact, and boy was it packed!  Soo many Uptown babies filled the space for fun in the sun and they stayed after for hugs and high-fives and covered themselves in tattoos.  We have to do THAT again!

My last gig of the summer is Dyker Library in Bklyn, NY.  Then I get ready for a super fun fall!!

You're coming to play with me right?



Children's Museum of Manhattan Rocks in the Rain! - August 14, 2011 we didnt escape the downpour this time- but that's okay-we had plenty of fun today! I have to say a big thank you to all of the families who came out to play.  Honorable mentions go to the Dad that sang a "Laundry" solo (bravo!!) and to the little fella that danced until he fell into his mother's lap- and then danced some more, my very enthusiastic pair who screamed at the mention of Portugal (wearing team shirts) AND to my Dear Dancing friend Deynia who brought her kids, their friend, and braved the elements with her youngest boy who has not one but TWO Bracing Boots, and she's sporting one too! Don't ask.  And don't think that stopped them from boogying down. I was certainly impressed!

Those were just some of my favorite moments. CMOM you made my rainy Sunday sparkle.

If you missed us come out to the Children's Museum of the East End  on Tuesday the 16th

and Hippo Park Wed Aug 24th at 4pm

see you there!


ROCK N ROAR!! - August 12, 2011

Such lovely families and a gaggle of geese came out to picnic and play at the Philly Zoo Rock'n'Roar Series! We were given specific instructions to not upset the Kangaroos -they didn't make a fuss so I imagine they danced right with us! Right after the last hug and high five it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED.  I credit the audiences' sunny disposition for keeping clouds at bay.  Hope to see you soon Philly Families!

And if you missed the zoo come out

SUNDAY AUG. 14- Children's Museum of Manhattan 2&3pm

TUESDAY AUG. 16- Children's Museum of the East End (Bridgehampton) 6pm

WEDNESDAY AUG. 24- Hippo Park (riverside dr & 91st) 4pm

and say hello!




So I was walking along the streets of Minnesota - June 5, 2011

..and came across the wonderful Flint Hills International Children's festival!  I was invited to sing with Oyu Oro, an Afro-Cuban Dance company that I love. And while I was there I came across some wonderful performances- West African Drumming, Katha Dance, a Hip-Hop dance crew, stilt walkers (chicks on sticks!), the beautifful singing duo DALA and arts and crafts for all ages.  Saint Paul Minnesota really pulled out all the stops to introduce children to such a diverse array of cultures and art forms.  Thank you for including me and hello to all of the wonderful people that I met!


Hi Friends! Come play with me this SATURDAY at the Downing Street Spring Fair!

SATURDAY MAY 14th 12pm


Downing Street Playground is located on the west side of 6th ave at 
corner of Bleecker Street and Downing Street.  You will see a bricked 
in playground that you enter through the garden on that corner.  You 
can't miss it.

The event is from 11-2pm and FREE! Lots of other performers too.

(there are small fees for food and fair games- but it all goes to the neighborhood Nursery school!)

See you there!


Bank Street Bookstore and Back to Brooklyn - April 22, 2011

Thank you Bank Street Bookstore for inviting me uptown to play!  We had a great time and I got to visit with friends north of 14th street.  But it didn't take long for me to get back to Brooklyn!  The New Lots Library hosted a private performance for the adorable children at the New Lots Day Care Center. Fancy Right? And believe me New Lots, I know first hand how hard it is to manage all those coats and hats so THANK YOU for braving the elements and coming to play.  We rounded out our "Brooklyn Tour" with a (shh) quieter show at the Kensington Library- (when they move to their new building we can really raise a rukcus!)  and then played with the big boys at the Flatbush Library.   Thanks fellas for taking time out from basketball and coming to hear the show! I've got some great events planned for the summer-so keep an eye open for Sweetbeatz! xoxo



BROOKLYN BABIES ROCK! - March 25, 2011

So I ventured to the lovely neighborhoods of East Flatbush and Bay Ridge for some movin' and groovin' and boy was it fun!  Everybody knows a piece of my heart belongs to Brooklyn- that's because of you! You can catch me at the Kensington, New Lots and Flatbush Libraries in April so COME PLAY!!

Also, You've gotta come out and join me for a special event UPTOWN at Bank Street Bookstore!

Saturday, April 9, 11am


112th St. and Broadway (at the corner)

FREE! Call for tickets 212-678-1654

So you're coming right? You gotta come! I promise I'll make you smile!  See you soon! xoxo

Kidfest and beyond - February 7, 2011

Untitled_0_06_22-07.jpgWNED/Channel 17's KIDFEST in Buffalo was so much fun!! Buffalo NY, is my hometown so I was thrilled to perform for Buffalo families- especially my own! My mother saw me perform for the FIRST TIME. Now she loves me, but is the roger&ebert of all of my performances.

Not only did I catch her smiling in the audience but the next day she watched video footage of the show about a hundred times.  Whooh! That means it was good. I'm very happy!

You can catch some video of it too:


March 12th I'll be at the Hoboken Public Library

and March 17th begins my Brooklyn Library Tour! Check my calendar for dates and locations. They don't even mind if we get a little loud in there..;)

Stay tuned!



Happy New Year!! - January 1, 2011


Let's fill the year with love and music!



La Mama Holiday Party- HAPPY HAPPY! - December 20, 2010

165494_488486223215_806453215_5795974_5118654_s_1_.jpgIn the heart of the neighborbood of the LES there was a holiday party like no other!!  Families were surrounded by performances for the entire day!  Holiday songs led by the lovely Kat Yew and a swingin' band, shadow puppet theatre, glow in the dark hula hoop dances, storytelling, and me too!  The children exchanged small gifts from under the tree and had brownies and balloons to enjoy- while a glorious stilt-walker mingled through the crowd like a butterfly.  I want to give a huge thank-you thank you to Michal Gamily and all of the artists at La Mama ETC for sharing their talents with the childen in the neighborhood.

We had so much fun.  And it was free.  You gotta go next year!!!

So Inspired.. - December 5, 2010

Troubleshooting at it's best..

A few months ago a fellow musician Suzi Shelton contacted me about "The Emma Project," which she proposed to create a compilation of children's music in light of the huge budget cuts her daughter's school made in their music and movement programs.  I am so honored to be a part of the project and it will always remind me of the amazing things we can do when we all work together.


Hello Happy Girl Hair! - November 29, 2010

I just wanted to take a moment to say hello to new visitors from HAPPY GIRL HAIR ( .  I love how we can express our creativity through different hairdos!  Be sure to join the mailing list so you can officially be apart of the Sweetbeatz bunch and stop by anytime to say hi or flaunt your 'do!



Pumpkins on Prospect - October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

I certainly enjoyed playing at the party thrown by the Prospect Co-op Nursery in Maplewood, NJ. There were too many adorable costumes in site; including

Velma (NOW i know who that is!), Iron Man, A great white shark and a babywhite shark, a sleepy lion, and a wolf with lots of dance moves.

Thanks to Alex, Marie, Will and Johanna for the invitation.  It was soo much fun!

Hope everyone had a fun and festive weekend!



After all the jumping, singing, dancing, hoopin' and hollerin' (see video above for proof) I needed a LONG NAP! But what sweet dreams I had! Thanks to everyone who came out to boogie with me and the band- I loved seeing old friends Lola, Jessica, Kathleen and Baby Tate, Joan and joe, Shoshannah and so many other old and new friends too! 

Once we gave out our goodie bags (what did you make with your sweetbeatz scribblerz?) I strolled through the museum.  I love it!  I spent some time staring at the python fantasia..she's huge!!!

Be sure to check out more videos on my youtube channel

and see if you see yourself..

I hope you continue to visit the Museum and I hope to see you really soon! xoxo

PARTY IN BROOKLYN! - October 3, 2010

Come party with me!


Brooklyn Children's Museum

2 shows

1pm and 2pm

Singing, Dancing, Prizes, FUN!!!



Back in Brooklyn! - September 12, 2010

Hope you can come play October 17th at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.  1pm. More details to come!! xo

Creative Kids - August 30, 2010

MasksPinata_resized.jpg   Masks_Pic1_resized.jpg

Love love love these!!

So I spent some time in Centereach, LI to celebrate the Middle Country Public Library's Summer Reading Program. I was impressed to learn that over 300 families partnered with the library this the summer. Now that's a committment to early literacy!

The children made structures out of gumdrops and toothpicks, then we danced around, then we all had ice-cream afterwards..

Candy buildings? Ice-cream applause? It's a sweetbeatz fantasy!:)

Next I went to play at the Ocean Hill Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.  My buddy Todd and his buddy Phelps and I serenaded the artistic crowd under a paper-mache Brooklyn Bridge.  The children showed us their sculptures and masks and photos afterwards.

I congratulate all of the families  who encouraged their children's creative energies this summer.  And there's still time! Let's draw a picture! Read together! Ooh I'm gonna go and write a song..



read something, make something, change something - August 13, 2010

The upcoming shows reflect this sentiment..

Saturday, August 21st in Centereach Long Island,

Middle Country Public Library, 10:30am

I'll be playing for the Summer Reading Club..what books did you read with your children this Summer? Let me know!

Saturday August 28th, In Brooklyn 1pm

Ocean Hill Art Sanctuary

I'll perform for the opening of Brooklyn Portraits- a multimedia art show created by families in the Ocean Hill/ BedStuy area. I had a chance to visit the emerging artists at work (ages 5-10 plus their parents) and it was so wonderful to see their sketches and then watch them pound and pull at the clay to create the sketch or something new.  It just made me wanna squish and carve the clay too. 

September 12th, on the Lower East Side,


The Y is showing off all of their new renovations- new play equipment, new classrooms..change is good!

(The Y event is for members only..)

So come out and see me at any of these free'll be a lot of fun!





Everything Kindie! - May 6, 2010

Kindiefest held its second annual music conference this past weekend. Wow! Families, there ae soo many wonderful musicians singing, strumming, drumming, scatting and rapping that I encourage you to go to CD Baby and see what these very talented artists have to offer.  I am certainly a new fan of  Frances England, Rhythm Child, Sugar Free All Stars, Joanie Leeds and Miss Nina. 

Just posted song clips of my upcoming debut CD!! Whooh I can't wait to share it with you! In the meantime, give a listen to the clips and tell me what you think in the guestbook section.

Hope to see you soon! xo

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