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Mommy Poppins lists Sweetbeatz as one of the top live shows to see!

"I like the songs that you made. If you didn't make the songs, we wouldn't be laughing."                                                    Fabian J. , 2nd Grade

Aruba..Jamaica..La Mama - March 8, 2014

My La Mama Kids Movement Workshop allowed us to imagine the winter chills away and replace them with a warm island breeze. Thanks to who sang, clapped and danced with me. With a little imagination and a lot of participation, NYC felt tropical!



BRRR - March 7, 2014

 freezing sun

Has this winter season been completely unreasonable?? Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine!

Fall - October 1, 2012


Leaves crunching, snuggly sweaters and pounds of pumpkins bring me happy Fall thoughts!

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